As I creep into my elder years and sleep in until 8am,my retirement brings me to a final conclusion.Life as we know it has several purposes and I truly believe reaching out to other life forms with compassion is our destiny.

Unfortunately industrial growth and advancing big business ideas, are placing an over worked society into a life of labor.Money is pent on devouring life as we are distracted from our delicate relationship with other beings.
Being limited in brain size, and development,our helpless nature thoughtlessly seems to destroy natures natural balance.

What is somewhat unknown to most of us all, is the fact our future depends on science as the main focus.
Sharing the burden rests in the hands of everyone.There are too many distractions pulling us from the now.

Invariably, my daily schedule brings positive purpose, such as checking the bird feeder weekly,and occassionally rescuing an injured owl,chipmunk,or rabbit that is living in the area.

Time, and consumed time for activity’s to repair broken items or poorly manufactured house hold gadgets designed by man forthwith trying to become wealthy.Invention of the light bulb or electricity has moved us forward in ways we cannot comprehend, but do I really need a fast car or yacht to show my wealth.It’s time the ego and society took a closer peek into consciousness.

Are we living the life we’ve chosen or the one we ended up with?


The future is just a breath away



  1. How did I find you? Well, of course, I didn’t. Only each of us can find ourselves. But, I found your blog, daring to push a button I had never pushed before, a button I had never seen before, I didn’t know that WordPress had a “Notification button”. How carelessly unaware I have been, perhaps all of my life. But, now, I know, and I see myself in the little girl playing in the rain. I’ve been there in a time when it was a pleasurable game. I hope today there are still places in the world where children can splash, barefoot in a down-pouring, and feel their clothes clinging to their small bodies. Today, mothers might complain. Why didn’t mine?
    Thank you for your comments. Perhaps we share a similar path.

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