Spring brings summer fast with plenty of fun times on the water.
Are we doing our utmost to protect our waters ?

Why not celebrate our Oceans now,and prevail to a higher and faster learning curve,when it comes to using and abusing
our only Ocean.

Let us think before we put trash in our bath tubs.


Surely Ocean liner or freighter corporation managers, and countries around the world don’t dump their garbage in their bath water,where they bath their young.

A clean ocean might have something to do with clean bath water; you think?



  As we Celebrate Ocean’s in spring and summer,
why not stop and think that the food we eat from the Ocean, lives off the food they eat to survive.
If we destroy fish on the bottom of the food chain we reduce our possibilities of fish diet in the future.

I suppose we could thrive on corn and wheat with peanut butter lightly toasted.