So what does the word Cyber mean, and how have computers affected our society and the coming generations?

The generation of people who grew up with computer technology and the Internet.

CYBER is a prefix used in a growing number of terms to describe new things that are being made possible by the spread of computers. Cyberphobia, for example, is an irrational fear of computers. Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction that draws heavily on computer science ideas.Cyberspace is the non-physical terrain created by computer systems. Anything related to the Internet also falls under the cyber category.

Words that use this prefix include cyber slacking,cyber crime,cyber forensics,cyber Monday,cyber bullying,cyberspace,cyberpunk,cyberveillance,cyberpublisher,cyberbuck etc….

Are workers practicing the term cyberslacking somewhat ?

Is it,or can it be a beneficial practice?

Are you wasting your employer’s money every time you check Facebook, browse Bloggy Posts, watch a YouTube video or laugh at a LOLcat?

According to the employment industry, so-called cyberslacking — surfing the Web while you should be working — is a huge, multibillion-dollar problem. A survey  found that every day, at least 64 percent of employees visit websites that have nothing to do with their work. While most people only admitted to doing this for about an hour per week.

Who can get through a whole workday without taking a break? A little cyberloafing blows off stress. If people weren’t checking Twitter, they might be out smoking” or hanging out in the cafe having a beer, or running errands or making personal phone calls.

Maybe we should rebrand the phrase “killing time” and just making sure that employees can take short breaks. In the process, they may just increase their productivity.Who knows for sure until employers follow the studies and surveys.

So gimme a break @work if you need a CyberReason to break out once in a while.






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