Consumer Behaviour Versus Global Warming

Attitude Gap

People appear to be locked into purchasing behaviours, and the consumption process. Despite the significant increase in consumers’ environmental awareness, many of them have not taken their concerns into consideration in their actual consumption choices and behaviours. This can be due to consumers selfishness, which is they don’t want to give up or change the way they live, or the associated costs and taxes.

We tend to think of consumption as an economic phenomenon that addresses our individual wants and drives the economy through our collective behaviour, but it is also social and cultural process through which we all express our identity and establish our place within society.

Consumer Responsibility
The stuff we own,flying to far off countries,and our exotic foods,leaves little for future generations.
What about reducing our levels of consumption somewhat and living a green sustainable lifestyle?

Individual freedom that consumes away the livelihood of an entire planet,projects a selfish lifestyle.


1. Courageous policy-makers are needed! Do not wait for national government or businesses to pave the way but develop ideas for liveable and sustainable cities and communities involving all relevant stakeholders and step-by-step approaches to foster change.

2. Support those that already have clever ideas and initiatives. Connect and inspire them.

3. Do not expect change to happen overnight – haste brings waste! Take your time to involve others, to listen, to plan and re-plan. The more people become professionally or privately engaged the more self-perpetuating change becomes. Keep track of developments, make sure they add up and be flexible.

4. Enabling sustainable consumption cannot and should not be left to local policy initiatives alone, however. Complaining and worrying is easy, but taking action is more fun! At the end of the day everyone of us should feel responsible to engage in changes towards more sustainable consumption. Those of us who feel more responsible than others – let’s make it easy and fun also for them!

Join the conversation and project out into the open.

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