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Over six gripping episodes Karsten von Hoesslin investigates a murder at sea and reveals the shocking extent of maritime crime from drugs to piracy.

This National Geographic Tv Series is Based on a true crime at sea caught on video tape and being investigated by a private investigator.

Over six gripping episodes Karsten von Hoesslin investigates a murder at sea and reveals the shocking extent of maritime crime from drugs to piracy.

  • The Crime


    A video on You Tube shot from a fishing vessel shows men in the sea brutally gunned down and the crew celebrating. Karsten von Hoesslin is a PI. His beat: the lawless oceans. Hunting the killers will take him around the world, to confront pirates, people traffickers and drug smugglers. But in Taiwan his investigation gets off to a rocky start. In Fiji he encounters a web of mystery. And Karsten begins to wonder where this 

  • case is heading.

  • The Witness

FISH FRAUD & What your eating ♡

Issues for conservation

When illegal fishing makes such a huge profit it is difficult to implement conservation measures. Illegal fishing practices occur in spite of restrictions or bans on areas or endangered fish species. Unfortunately, it’s hard to monitor fishing practices at sea; it’s almost impossible to know about violations and enforce rules.
Moving towards traceability

One way to improve this problematic situation is to introduce a traceability system that tracks the fish throughout its journey from fishing boat to factory to store. Norpac, the fish export company, has developed its own tracking system that traces the fish to the end buyer. There are some other small-scale versions of traceability, but nothing is widely implemented yet. However, more and more consumers are demanding to know where their seafood is from and some large grocery retailers have started to switch to traceable seafood. The real change needs to come at a governmental level. The U.S.A. and EU have made some changes to improve traceability, but so far there are no plans for a comprehensive tracking system.
Another option is to have more rigorous inspections of imported seafood (right now inspections are minimal in most countries). Using DNA barcoding or qPCR probes you can identify the species by its DNA from a small piece of tissue. There are a few portable devices, such as GrouperCheck, that let you check if a piece of fish is a grouper. Theoretically, you could bring the device to a restaurant and check if the fish that you received is actually a grouper. Your dinner might get cold, though, it takes 40 minutes for the sample to be processed. There is a kit for red snapper that claims to test the sample in 20 minutes.
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​From Executive Producers Robert Redford and Paul Allen, Animal Planet premieres OCEAN WARRIORS, a gripping new series that propels viewers to the edge of a vast frontier and a battle critical to Earth’s survival. Impossible to control or police, the oceans that cover three fifths of the globe and border 146 countries are home to a new breed of outlaw mercenaries who threaten not just marine life but the entire planet. A six-part series, OCEAN WARRIORS features unlikely heroes with a passion for justice as they track down these criminals in high-adrenaline missions, and premieres Sunday, Dec. 4 with back to back episodes at 9PM and 10PM ET/PT, continuing on Dec. 11 and Dec. 18.
Each fast-paced episode of OCEAN WARRIORS puts the offenders in the sights of dedicated activists, scientists and investigators who put their lives on the line every day to stop those who are wreaking havoc on our oceans, from Tanzania to Thailand to Antarctica and beyond. Series episodes will include Enforcement, Who’s the Bad Guy, Engage the Enemy, Truth and Lies, Life and Death and Perseverance.
The young men and women of the Sea Shepherds chase a notorious, battle-hardened poaching ship through the dense ice of the Antarctic Sea despite the very real threat of violence and hazardous waters. In Tanzania, a conservation biologist strives to save the coral reefs from blast fishing, whose explosive impact could wipe out the marine life that sustains 18 million people. In the Pacific, Greenpeace patrols the waters for illegal shark fishing, exploring deep within a commercial vessel to discover a prolific and illegal bounty. An environmental journalist goes to Thailand, where illegal poachers are devastating a $7 billion national fishing industry as they pillage the ancestral fishing grounds. And, tragically, our vigilantes discover a vast human trafficking network of fishing slaves that extends from AFRICA to Indonesia. This new generation of enforcers are mobilized around the globe and ready to deal with those who run rampant across our oceans.
OCEAN WARRIORS is a co-production between Animal Planet, Sundance Productions, Brick City TV and Vulcan Productions. For Sundance Productions, Robert Redford and Laura Michalchyshyn serve as executive producers; for Vulcan Productions, Paul Allen, Carole Tomko, Jody Gottlieb and Rocky Collins serve as executive producers; and for Brick City TV, Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin serve as executive producers. For Animal Planet, Erin Wanner and Liz Bronstein serve as executive producers and and Patrick Keegan is supervising producer.


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