#LoveTheLeuser! – Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme


Our vision is to prevent the extinction of the Sumatran orangutan. We endeavor to contribute to the long-term protection of wild Sumatran orangutan populations and safeguard their habitat.


The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme is endeavoring to conserve viable wild populations of the Critically Endangered Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii). We do this by habitat protection, rehabilitation and reintroduction of ex-captive orangutans to the wild, education, survey work and scientific research. 


  • To ensure all remaining viable wild Sumatran orangutan populations and their habitat are fully protected and safe from destruction
  • To establish new viable populations of the species in the wild via reintroduction of confiscated illegal pets, serving as a safety net for the original wild population.
  • To increase knowledge of wild orangutan distribution, status, threats, behaviour and ecology.
  • To change perceptions among Indonesian citizens in terms of animal welfare, understanding of sustainable development, and natural resource management.



If you love Dolphins;You will love this vid@sea world

Dozens of animal activists have swarmed a dolphin show at Sea World, on the Gold Coast, this morning.

Video captured by Kaylee Hallam shows the group of protesters storming down the stairs of the Dolphin Cove just after 11am with banners featuring anti-Sea World messages, including “SeaWorld equals slave world” and “captivity is cruelty”.

“This is not a natural environment for the dolphins… there is no excuse for animal abuse,” one male protester shouted through a megaphone.

“We’re speaking for the love of dolphins,” he said, eliciting audible boos from the crowd.
The present activities regarding our interaction with animals is getting really old,so its time we sheep pull back and work on a new future with Mother Nature.

Watch the new Future

Watch “Lawless Longliners | Lawless Oceans” on YouTube


Over six gripping episodes Karsten von Hoesslin investigates a murder at sea and reveals the shocking extent of maritime crime from drugs to piracy.

This National Geographic Tv Series is Based on a true crime at sea caught on video tape and being investigated by a private investigator.

Over six gripping episodes Karsten von Hoesslin investigates a murder at sea and reveals the shocking extent of maritime crime from drugs to piracy.

  • The Crime


    A video on You Tube shot from a fishing vessel shows men in the sea brutally gunned down and the crew celebrating. Karsten von Hoesslin is a PI. His beat: the lawless oceans. Hunting the killers will take him around the world, to confront pirates, people traffickers and drug smugglers. But in Taiwan his investigation gets off to a rocky start. In Fiji he encounters a web of mystery. And Karsten begins to wonder where this 

  • case is heading.

  • The Witness




50 people who could save the planet | Environment | The Guardian

I Believe

You cannot change the planet alone, but remember that you, and just a few others who are determined to improve things, are the only force that ever has improved the world.
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Words by John Vidal, David Adam, Peter Huck, Jonathan Watts, Leo Hickman, Philip Oltermann, Ian Sample and Aditya Ghosh
A piece of this article from the above link:

Peter Head
Civil engineer

Peter Head, 60, is an unlikely man to be leading a cultural revolution. The soft-spoken Englishman, a director of Arup and one of the world’s leading bridge builders, is now the master planner of the world’s first true eco city.

His brief from the Shanghai city authorities may have been simple, but in building and design terms it was the equivalent of a moonshot: to build on an island at the mouth of the Yangtze a city for 500,000 people that can lead the world’s fastest growing economy out of the industrial age into the ecological one. Dongtan will cost $50bn or more, and be a prototype for 400 or more similar Chinese cities over the next 30 years.

Nothing like this has been tried before, Head says. “It’s a complete paradigm shift. It is to be three, four or five times an ecological improvement on anything that exists. China is trying to use ecological efficiency to detach resource use from economic growth, the traditional development path. It’s a different way of thinking. They believe a new economic model will come out of it.”

Dongtan will be all but self-sufficient, powered by wind, wood and sun. Its cars will be electric or hydrogen-fuelled, and its buildings will be mini power stations. There will be no landfill sites and 80% of waste will be recycled. Enough local food will be grown to supply much of the city’s needs. Turf-covered rooftops will collect, filter and store water, and solar panels will heat it; wind turbines will provide nearly 20% of its energy needs.

“China came to us with the idea. I was shocked by the scale of their ambition but they’re deadly serious. Every province in China is building a demonstration eco city like this.”

WATCH: Idling vehicles of COP22 dignitaries who want US to cut emissionsSHEILA GUNN REID

WATCH: Idling vehicles of COP22 dignitaries who want US to cut emissions


Watch as I show you the idling vehicles of COP22 dignitaries and the fleet of buses that have been left running on and off all day so attendees can leave an air conditioned facility and hop into an air conditioned vehicle.

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About – The Bird Named Dou Dou Story


I started making these birds because I fell in love with a little bird named dou dou. “dou dou” is a French word that can mean a child’s favorite cuddly toy. dou dou can also mean sweetheart.

dou dou is also the name of my little bird that I lost, and my inspiration for the birds I make. dou dou was the most amazing creature I have ever known. He made me realize just how aware and alive all creatures are, and I miss him terribly.

I have always sculpted but I never sculpted a bird until after dou dou came to live with me.

I’ve burnt myself out twice making these birds full time and completely stopped making them but I always end up making more! So now I’m trying to pace myself a bit and just make them when I’m inspired, so I won’t always have new birds but you can sign up for the mailing list on my site to get notified of new batches: http://doudoustudio.com/contact.php or just follow me here. I am going to try and make sure I always have new birds for Christmas.






The Pale Blue Dot

Shaping a new future for mankind and the species we protect,will test our ability for thousands of years.As we fail time and time again,science and determination eventually will form a sustainable planet.Millions of species will go where no man has gone before.
Space the final frontier is waiting for mankind to lead the way,entrusted with a valued creation.Astrophysicist data gathered and analyzed,reveals evidence of other pale blue dots of earth like class.What if things turn out the opposite? Chances are,extinction of all species is unlikely in a global event,but every specie as we know it, requires our best efforts,at all government levels.Time wasted, is trying to figure out how to set all our clocks,during a time change is a small example of mans genius.

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“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”
― Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives