Global Fishing Watch – The project

Global Fishing Watch enables anyone with an Internet connection to see fishing activity anywhere in the ocean in near real-time, for free.

Photo: © OCEANA / Keith Ellenbogen
Hundreds of millions of people depend on the ocean for their livelihoods and many more rely on the ocean for food. However, the world’s oceans are threatened by global overfishing, illegal fishing and habitat destruction. Their sustainability depends on action by governments, fishery management organizations, citizens and the fishing industry itself.
This public beta version of Global Fishing Watch is available to anyone with an Internet connection and allows users to monitor when and where commercial fishingicon info is occurring around the world.
    Citizens can see for themselves how their fisheries are being effectively managed and hold leaders accountable for long-term sustainability.
    Seafood suppliers can monitor the vessels they buy fish from.
    Journalists and the public can act as watchdogs to improve the sustainable management of global fisheries.
    Responsible fishermen can show they are adhering to the law.
    Researchers can address important fishery management questions.
We invite all fishery stakeholders to explore the Map. Global Fishing Watch is not an advocacy or enforcement agency, but a transparency tool to help enable awareness and discussion around fishery issues.


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