Research links on Climate Change

Can you post some of the current research, I am always interested in reading up on climate change. I must say I have a problem finding stuff that does not support what I have concluded. Anyways, send me some links. is a great place to start. There are ample links within that blog. Then look up what Tol, McKitrick and Spencer say on the issue. It’s interesting that Tol was heralded for his work supporting global warming theories, but as soon as he started questioning the IPCC reports, of which he was a lead writer, he is labeled as a fringe “denier”. Spencer was a respected scientist until he started speaking out against the prevailing theories, at which time his religious beliefs were brought up. McKitrick, and IPCC reviewer, has written extensively on the failings of the statistical inferences within the IPCC models. Look up Pielke, Tallbloke. There are good links on


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