The Prolifics in You

Few people get things done in a consistent and impressive a fashion.
Why is it that we procrastinate day after day?

It’s like,’alright,I must block out everything going on,or in my head and go forward with focus in mind.’
I say,’now is the time,or tommorrow first thing after breakfast,when I’m fresh and alert,I’m going to drag myself to the workshop, find the measuring tape
and open it out.’ Baby steps allow me to focus easier,so the project can grow slowly into a finish.Day by day,completion will bring you satisfaction.



If I’m over whelmed,I must break it down to,hmm’ what do I want the most.’
I’m not the person who is leaving our hopes and dreams for the future to deal with.’Am I ?’

For me it’s about the moment and it’s about having an idea, or having a brain drain and just trying to get through those moments. For me, it boils down to focus, knowing exactly what I’m trying to accomplish,and pointing myself to it. If I have ten projects, it’s ‘Oh, maybe I’ll work on reading more,or maybe I’ll work on this or that.’ You know, it’s so easy to just get nothing done, but you’ve got to focus a lot out to be able to get things done and break your list down into next actions. It’s like, ‘Okay, today I am going to figure out how to angle cut a 2×4 for the picnic table. Today, I am going to prepare in my head and plan my ass off,’ whatever it is, but that would be the other side of it after the specificity of knowing. Don’t just say, ‘Oh, I need to work on that.’ Say, ‘I need to work on this part of that.’ Absolutely eat cookies first. The thing that you want to do the most, do that.”

Be prolific,and say’I can pull this off in baby steps if I just focus now.’

Tune in or sound off in the comments,we want to hear your take as well.

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Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

Edward Snowden is an American Hero !!!!!!!!!!

“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”
― It’s another beautiful day on the Bay Of Quinte – Z


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