About – The Bird Named Dou Dou Story


I started making these birds because I fell in love with a little bird named dou dou. “dou dou” is a French word that can mean a child’s favorite cuddly toy. dou dou can also mean sweetheart.

dou dou is also the name of my little bird that I lost, and my inspiration for the birds I make. dou dou was the most amazing creature I have ever known. He made me realize just how aware and alive all creatures are, and I miss him terribly.

I have always sculpted but I never sculpted a bird until after dou dou came to live with me.

I’ve burnt myself out twice making these birds full time and completely stopped making them but I always end up making more! So now I’m trying to pace myself a bit and just make them when I’m inspired, so I won’t always have new birds but you can sign up for the mailing list on my site to get notified of new batches: http://doudoustudio.com/contact.php or just follow me here. I am going to try and make sure I always have new birds for Christmas.




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