Sharing The bluedot

Canadians believe in a right to a healthy environment – clean water, fresh air, healthy food and a say in decisions that affect us.
All levels of Governments are required to respect Canadians rights to live in a healthy environment.

These issues have been unresolved for too long.
Amending the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms will show trust.

Canadians are stepping forward in 2014 to realize we need a legal mechanism for creating or shifting the balance between competing interests.
Amending enviromental rights

An environmental bill of rights has been promoted by the environmental movement for several decades; environmentalists hope that it will soon find a place on the legislative agenda.

Society is shifting gears and adapting to new paradigms in order to secure the planet for generations to come. Cyberness is an urgent call to get out of the comfort-zone.. 

Tender are the birds and the bees as we share the bluedot.


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