Slap The Penguin:Meteorologists create a new season called Sprinter
Wow the poor penguins are slowly getting sultry towards humans and word is a large mass of 15 million are reported slowly making there way south towards Washington area.Expected to arrive before the next election but also hoping to vote on the Presidency if that chair even exists when they knock on the White House door requesting more winter and spinter.
Rumours report stories on the Internet or World Wide Web although some call her THE GAB that face value of news reporting on the internet must be true.
Spinter,rest assured is truly happening and the word “spinter” although new today will be old news tomorrow after “swummer”
arrives next week. ↪™✴✴▪♥♥

Let us know in the comments section which weather scientist you are tweeting.Tweet Anthony Farnell @anthonyfarnell
Are you still awake?



                                                  Are you voting for Omama  or Obama on this one  ?


See you on the flip side

Spread the Love ♥♥


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