“The Hook-Up Culture Only Exists Because This Generation Has Never Properly Fallen In Love,” Or Vice Versa?

The Indisputable Dirt

Ya know, we live in a very complicated world, and making sense of that world is very difficult. In the face of all the confusion, I am glad to see people trying to figure it all out: forming arguments, making statements, taking sides, shying away from the epidemic of agnosticism that is so pervasive in our society. But sometimes, an article (or book or movie) arrives on the scene bearing some bold explanation of the universe that is just, well, not right.

I keep seeing this article on my facebook news feed. In it the author sheds light on the superficial nature of dating in modern times, and aptly points out that many of those couples who claim to be “dating” are, in fact, glorified sex partners.


“Intimacy isn’t sex. You can have sex without it being intimate. Believe me, I’ve done it plenty of times. Most of us call…

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