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Earth Day 2017


Green News Update

Science is not a liberal conspiracy – thanks to Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Happy Earth Day 2017

Are you Marching for Science today ? Wherever you are (London, New York, DC, Berlin) 

Find a venue, go to the Facebook page, get active locally. (click on this link) 

Twitter access

Remember — the Earth is our only home. 

More Earth Heroes coming to Green News Update this weekend and next week! 

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We Challenge You to join Our Week Long Action Challenge to Protect Our Environment


#LoveTheLeuser! – Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme


Our vision is to prevent the extinction of the Sumatran orangutan. We endeavor to contribute to the long-term protection of wild Sumatran orangutan populations and safeguard their habitat.


The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme is endeavoring to conserve viable wild populations of the Critically Endangered Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii). We do this by habitat protection, rehabilitation and reintroduction of ex-captive orangutans to the wild, education, survey work and scientific research. 


  • To ensure all remaining viable wild Sumatran orangutan populations and their habitat are fully protected and safe from destruction
  • To establish new viable populations of the species in the wild via reintroduction of confiscated illegal pets, serving as a safety net for the original wild population.
  • To increase knowledge of wild orangutan distribution, status, threats, behaviour and ecology.
  • To change perceptions among Indonesian citizens in terms of animal welfare, understanding of sustainable development, and natural resource management.


My Bottom

As dusty brown covered my bottom,

white crystals scattered over me.

Thick smooth and flowing we stirred,

adding more thickness the while.
Love began to appear,

as the foam frothed at the opening.

It was heated to reach the climax,

but then all was not complete yet.
Squares of crunch and delis dropped in,

heating and changing my colors.

As time I became ready,but 

before the swallow we had to join.

What am I ?

What 4 million solar panels in China look like from space

As if we need more free energy  on this earth we think we

But hey, we must learn how to utilize the Sun before the ever increasing clouds of particulates plug up the old lungs so bad we won’t be able to find our cigs and other toxins to intake into our fragile bagobones.

Kudo China for at least one thing to help the living breath.

Antimatter,not fusion power could be the particles turning on Days of our Lives,  and your lights.
But when matter and antimatter come into contact, they annihilate – disappearing in a flash of energy. 

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If you love Dolphins;You will love this vid@sea world

Dozens of animal activists have swarmed a dolphin show at Sea World, on the Gold Coast, this morning.

Video captured by Kaylee Hallam shows the group of protesters storming down the stairs of the Dolphin Cove just after 11am with banners featuring anti-Sea World messages, including “SeaWorld equals slave world” and “captivity is cruelty”.

“This is not a natural environment for the dolphins… there is no excuse for animal abuse,” one male protester shouted through a megaphone.

“We’re speaking for the love of dolphins,” he said, eliciting audible boos from the crowd.
The present activities regarding our interaction with animals is getting really old,so its time we sheep pull back and work on a new future with Mother Nature.

Watch the new Future